Sixty-one residents of Dologon successfully participated in a one-day  Enhancement Forum on Crop- Animal Production and Management held on April 20, 2012 at Dologon Barangay Hall. The said forum was conducted by  the  College  of  Agriculture  under  the  leadership  of the  College Extension Coordinator, Dr. Annie L. Deriada, which aimed at establishing   continuity of the College of Agriculture’s extension  project  in that  barangay   to help the populace achieve a better life.

Dr.  Deriada,  during   the   orientation,   explained to the participants  the objectives of the forum. Then, the setting  of  expectations from  the  participants   followed with Ms. Conrada  P. Yecyec,  COMBASUDEP  focal person as the facilitator. Punong  Barangay Miguel C. Ceballos, in his welcome remarks,  warmly welcomed the experts from CMU and the participants to the said forum.

Discussions of different   topics  by the  following pool of experts  from the  College of Agriculture include: Dr. Guia G. Saludares – Lecture on Mushroom (Volvariella sp.) Production  and Management;  Prof. Eduardo V. Lagua

– Native Chicken Production and Management;  Ms. Shella C. Poonon  – Cost and  Return of Volvariella Mushroom Production  and  Cost and  Return of One Module Native Chicken Production.

Meanwhile,  Ms.  Efignia P.  Antona,  one  of  the participants who gave her impressions on the activity, expressed   her  heartfelt   thanks  to  the  CMU team   for conducting  such  informative  forum  because   according to her, “she gained  knowledge  on proper  care and management of chicken raising and  mushroom  culture.” However, she expressed  fears  that  she might  encounter problems   in  the  future  like the  market  outlet   of  the mushroom  and   price of mushroom  might  become  low when there is already a supply and problem  on a disease inflicting chicken such as epidemia  or colds. Likewise, she expressed  her hopes  that  technical and financial support will still be provided to them.

The conduct of the forum was one of the expected outputs  of  the   extension   project   of  the   College  of A   griculture of this University.

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