Some  504 senior  students of nine  private  high schools  in Valencia  City completed the  Career  Pathing Project conducted by  the  Department  of  Behavioral Sciences, Social Sciences, Languages  and Literature, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics of the College of Arts and  Sciences. The participating  schools  include: Valencia Baptist Christian Academy, Philippine College Foundation,  Infant Jesus  School of Bukidnon, Bukidnon Faith Christian School, Inc., Immaculate Conception  High School, Sinayawan  Development Academy, San Agustin Insitute of Technology, First Fruits Christian Academy and New Life Foundation Ministry. The said students were given mental  and  aptitude tests. Students  of the  participating schools are given copy of their psychological test results.

Except for the First Fruits Christian Academy and New  Life  Foundation   Ministry,  the   other   participating schools  attended  the   enhancement classes  in  Math, English, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. They were given a pre-test  and a post test. Statistical analysis  shows that the enrichment classes, as an intervention,  are effective. The knowledge  of students in English, Math, Chemistry and Biology can be  enhanced by refreshers  or enhancement activities.

This career pathing  for high school senior students in Valencia City is under the Project 2 of CAS spearheaded by Prof. Lucy B. Ledres.

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